Steam Momos

Steam Momos

Get set for a delightful culinary adventure – prepare to craft 30 to 40 succulent, steam momos that will tantalize your taste buds! Are you ready to embark on a journey of flavors and aromas?

Ingredients For Steam Momos

  • For Dough:
    • 400 grams all-purpose flour
    • Water (for kneading)
  • For Filling:
    • 500 grams finely chopped cabbage
    • 4 minced garlic cloves
    • 1 inch minced ginger
    • 1 chopped onion
    • Cooking oil
    • 2 green chillies
    • 1 tsp red chilli powder
    • Salt to taste
  • For Dipping Sauce:
    • 15 to 20 garlic cloves (minced)
    • 2 tsp coriander powder
    • 1 tsp degi mirch (red chili powder)
    • Salt to taste
  • For a Masala Garnish:
    • 1 tsp red chilli powder
    • 1/2 tsp amchur powder (dried mango powder)
    • 1/2 tsp salt

Instructions For Steam Momos:

  • 1. Prepare the Dough:
    • In a large mixing bowl, gradually add water to the all-purpose flour and knead until you have a smooth, elastic dough. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • 2. Make Small Dough Balls:
    • After resting, divide the dough into small, even-sized balls. Roll each ball into a thin, round sheet. Ensure they are not too thick.
  • 3. Prepare the Filling:
    • Sauté Aromatics:
      • Heat cooking oil in a pan. Add minced garlic and minced ginger. Sauté until they become fragrant and slightly golden.
    • Add Chopped Onions:
      • Add the chopped onions to the pan. Cook until the onions become translucent.
    • Add Green Chillies:
      • Incorporate finely chopped green chillies into the mixture. Adjust the quantity based on your spice preference.
    • Add Cabbage:
      • Add the finely chopped cabbage to the pan. Stir well to combine with the aromatics and cook until the cabbage starts to wilt.
    • Seasoning:
      • Sprinkle red chilli powder and salt over the cabbage mixture. Adjust the seasoning according to your taste preferences.
    • Cook Until Tender:
      • Continue cooking the cabbage filling until it becomes tender. Stir occasionally to ensure even cooking.
    • Taste and Adjust:
      • Taste the filling and adjust the seasoning if necessary. You can add more salt or red chilli powder based on your preference.
    • Cool the Filling:
      • Allow the cabbage filling to cool completely before using it to stuff momos.
    • Filling Ready:
      • Your cabbage filling is now ready to be used for delicious momos.
  • 4. Fill and Shape Momos:
    • Fill the momo wrappers with this flavorful mixture. Place a spoonful of the cabbage filling in the center of each rolled dough sheet. Fold and shape the momos according to your preference.
  • 5. Steam Momos:
    • Arrange the shaped momos in a steamer. Steam them for about 15-20 minutes or until the momos are cooked through.
  • 6. For making dipping sauce:
    • Prepare Garlic:
      • Peel and mince the garlic cloves finely.
    • Mixing Ingredients:
      • In a bowl, combine the minced garlic, coriander powder, degi mirch (red chili powder), and salt.
    • Blend Well:
      • Mix the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring the spices are well combined with the minced garlic.
    • Adjust Seasoning:
      • Taste the dipping sauce and adjust the salt and spice levels according to your preference. You can add more salt or degi mirch if desired.
    • Let It Sit:
      • Allow the sauce to sit for a short while to let the flavors meld. This enhances the overall taste.
  • 7. Making masala for garnishing:
    • Combine Ingredients:
      • In a small bowl, combine the red chilli powder, amchur powder, and salt.
    • Mix Thoroughly:
      • Stir the ingredients together until they are well combined. Ensure an even distribution of the spices.
    • Adjust to Taste:
      • Taste the masala garnish and adjust the quantities if needed. You can add more red chilli powder for extra heat or adjust the salt and amchur powder according to your preference.
    • Sprinkle Over Momos:
      • Once your momos are ready to be served, sprinkle this masala garnish over the top. This will add a burst of flavor and visual appeal. This masala garnish adds a delightful kick to your momos, enhancing the overall taste experience. Feel free to experiment with the spice levels based on your liking.
  • 8. Serve with Momos:
    • Once your masala for garnishing is ready, serve your delicious and spicy homemade momos along with dipping sauce.

Enjoy your momos! Feel free to customize the recipe by adding a splash of lime juice or adjusting the spice levels to suit your taste.

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