BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, December – Say Hueque embarks on a new tour to explore the best of South America. This trip allows travelers to experience an authentic adventure through the diverse landscapes of the Southern Cone. A 12 day / 11 night journey exploring the wonderful lands of Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

This new itinerary is clearly designed for adventure travelers who not only want to have a traditional trip but also want to explore the wonders of this extraordinary and unique region of the world by experiencing the local costumes and traditions. Rates per person start at $2225 double and include accommodation, some meals, transfers, excursions and guide fees.

“At Say Hueque, we like to turn regular tours into unique opportunities to truly experience local traditions and the purest landscapes. We’ve designed the best of South America with the goal that travelers To be given a taste of the diversity of the incredible continent, enjoy the wonders of the region: Cuzco, Buenos Aires, Iguazu and Rio de Janeiro” said Rafa Mayer, founder and team leader of Say Hueque.

The tour begins in the colonial city of Cuzco, a charming city steeped in history where travelers can learn about the Inca Empire and marvel at the city’s representative monuments with a special guided tour. At the end of the day, tourists will go to the top of the city to see the remains of the fortresses of Sacsayhuaman and Puka Pukara, and enjoy a magnificent view of Cuzco.
During the second day the beautiful town of Chincheros and the magnificent Inca sites of Maras and More will be explored. Here, travelers can admire more than 100 small pools that are interconnected by saltwater mountain springs.

The following day, guests will be taken along the Urubamba River Valley to explore the spectacular natural valley, where they will visit the stunning Ollantaytambo Castle before visiting Avana Kancha and the historic town of Pisac and its representative market. , which is the best place for happiness. With the developed architectural sense of the Incas.

The next 2 days will be used to explore South America’s most famous archaeological wonder. Despite traveling by train to reach Aguas Calientes – the closest town to Machu Picchu – the Andean landscape and then taking a bus to the once-hidden citadel will allow adventurers to marvel at the picturesque surroundings and among them. Will know about one’s past and secrets. The most magical places in the world. We highly recommend climbing Havana Picchu Mountain to watch the sunrise at the Machu Picchu citadel, with spectacular 390m views.

On the sixth day travelers will go to Buenos Aires to enjoy a half-day city tour, which will show the historical and political center of the city, the main neighborhoods and the most representative monuments, palaces and parks of the city. The tour also includes a visit to the magnificent Cullen Theatre, considered one of the finest in the world for its size, acoustics and history. Day 7 ends with one of the most prominent cultural highlights of Buenos Aires: a dinner and tango show, featuring an incredible display of the best local dances, accompanied by a delicious Argentinian dinner with the best Malbec. .

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Gates of Iguazu Falls Eight days before flying to Iguazu. Over the next two days, travelers will visit Argentina and also visit the Brazilian side of the falls with a guide. He will reveal the secrets and hidden spots of the National Parks that will allow you to enjoy intimate and beautiful views of over 270 waterfalls. After visiting the Brazilian side of the falls on Day 10, visitors will head to Rio de Janeiro, where an exotic mix of beaches and mountains mingle with colonial and modern neighborhoods to the vibrant sound of samba. In the last two days, tourists will be left to explore two of Brazil’s main attractions: Corcovado Mountain and Sugar Loaf, enjoying a spectacular view of the entire city surrounded by green mountains and sea. .

As Rafael Mayer, owner of Say Hueque explains, “We are fun-loving travel professionals who have personally visited every destination throughout the region and over the past 15 years we have provided thousands of happy travelers around the world with the best vacations. provided.”

Founded in 1999, the company creates customized tours for independent travelers to national parks and cities in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Popular destinations and experiences include Buenos Aires, Iguaçu Falls, Puerto Moreno Glacier, hiking in Patagonia, wine tasting in Mendoza, horseback riding on traditional estancias and glacier cruises.

Say Hueque takes its name from the last tribal chief who surrendered to the Europeans in their conquest of American lands in 1885. Cultural influence is still very strong in some places near the Thiandez range.

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