Travel To The Japan

Travel To The Japan

Japan is one of the most desired destinations today: a stay in Japan is the most exotic for Europeans, and the country of the samurai offers a thousand and one wonders to its visitors. How To Travel To The Japan In 2024

Whether you are preparing a small vacation to Japan or you are thinking of going to live in Japan, you must prepare your trip well , know what is the best time to go  and have certain administrative procedures ready.

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Passport and visa ready? Ticket ready? You only have the suitcase left!

The first thing you should do is, of course, book a plane ticket to one of the main cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Nagoya …

How To Travel To The Japan In 2024

How To Travel To The Japan In 2024

Our advice to those traveling to Japan is to take a look at flight comparators like Skyscanner to find the most flexible prices.

Instead of buying a direct flight to Tokyo, you may be more interested (especially from an economic point of view) to make a stopover in an Asian country, such as Thailand, Taiwan or Malaysia.

It is also important that you get an international health insurance to cover any unforeseen event that may occur (accident, illness, repatriation, etc.).

For a short stay (90 days), Spaniards (like most Europeans) do not need to apply for a visa . Therefore, you can discover Japan without having to go through the endless bureaucratic immigration procedures.

Travel To The Japan

If you plan to make a longer stay, you will need to obtain an appropriate visa depending on the reason for your trip: work, visiting family or friends, studies, etc. Travel To The Japan

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In this case, you must appear in person at the Japanese embassy in Spain and request your visa to travel to Japan.
As we say, depending on your particular situation, you must apply for one type of visa or another:
Work visa.
Visiting family visa.
Business meeting visa.
Visa for participation in academic activities.
Working Holiday Visa in Japan.

In addition, you must obtain the COE (Certificate of Eligibility) or “Certificate of Eligibility”, which serves to demonstrate that your entry into Japanese territory will not be accompanied by fraudulent activities.

How To Travel To The Japan In 2024

One of the most interesting programs for young people who want to know the Japanese archipelago is the Working Holiday visa . According to the Japanese embassy in our country, this agreement signed in 2017 allows a certain number of Spanish citizens (500 in 2018) to travel to Japan for a whole year with the main objective of doing tourism, but with permission to work during a certain period of time to cover your travel expenses.

In this way, you can travel to Japan to live a temporary expatriation experience and thus discover life in this beautiful set of islands, as well as Japanese culture in all its splendor. Discover Buddhist and Shinto culture, Japanese cuisine, courtesy formulas, etc. Immerse yourself completely!How to travel to Japan

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